Artist's Statement
      My art is created without an idea in mind, I paint the background and then see what emerges.
      Making up figures has inspired me to study the figure. That has been my focus for the last few years.
      Thank you for visiting my site.

      Patty Morgan's voice is in the tradition of decades of Expressionists. The first use of the term was toward the end of the 19th century in Germany when pictures began to allow the passions of the artists to be seen in the brushwork. Since then it has been the artist's inalienable right to let the brush create an intuitive presence.
      The New York City School of the 1940's confirmed the importance of kinetic energy by elevating physical movement to the level of the subject of the painting itself. Examples of this are the paintings of DeKooning and Pollack.
      In the 1980's Neo-Expressionism rekindled the interest and reintroduced an image.
      Ms. Morgan's work is an extension of these concepts. Her work does not begin with a concept, but finds its voice in color and brushwork. The figure lingers in these colors asking for your interpretation. The paintings are mysterious and poetic. They are characters in film noir or Russian literature waiting for you to supply the dialog.
      We are proud that Patty Morgan has shown her work in our Studio. Thank you for visiting her site.
                Sally Brown and Sally Nystrom


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